Catalogue of Works

Eden, for solo flute 8:30     
Suite No. 1 for Solo Cello 13:11
I. mysterious and noble 2:11     
II. energetic, playful 3:04     
III. reflective, expressive 2:30     
IV. with strength, yet hesitant 2:56     
V. with exuberance, taking flight, liberated 2:30     
Suite No. 2 for Solo Cello 17:41
I. with energy & vitality 3:15
II. with exuberance 3:47
III. calm, peaceful 5:00
IV. with life 3:04
V. freely, with abandon 2:35
Suite No. 3 for Solo Cello 15:40
I. with conviction 4:28
II. with expression 3:53
III. with passion, fire & joy 3:05
IV. gentle & tender 2:14
V. with life, taking flight 2:00
Nocturne No. 1 for Solo Guitar 2:10     
Nocturne No. 2 for Solo Guitar 1:32     
Nocturne No. 3 for Solo Guitar 2:05     
Nocturne No. 4 for Solo Guitar 1:48     
Nocturne No. 5 for Solo Guitar 1:42     
Nocturne No. 6 for Solo Guitar 2:38     
Nocturne No. 7 for Solo Guitar 2:17     
Nocturne No. 8 for Solo Guitar, gentle, tender 1:49     
Nocturne No. 9 for Solo Guitar, with mystery & longing 2:05     
Nocturne No. 10 for Solo Guitar 2:58     
Nocturne No. 11 for Solo Guitar, with passion & fire 2:12     
Nocturne No. 12 for Solo Guitar, with expression 4:26     
Nocturne No. 13 for Solo Guitar 3:20     
Nocturne No. 14 for Solo Guitar, with restrained passion 1:46     
Nocturne No. 15 for Solo Guitar, as a dream 1:50     
Nocturne No. 16 for Solo Guitar 2:11     
Nocturne No. 17 for Solo Guitar 3:24     
Nocturne No. 18 for Solo Guitar 2:30     
Nocturne No. 19 for Solo Guitar, reflective 2:32     
Nocturne No. 20 for Solo Guitar, gentle 2:28     
Nocturne No. 21 for Solo Guitar 3:20     
Nocturne No. 22 for Solo Guitar 2:35     
Nocturne No. 23 for Solo Guitar 3:28     
Nocturne No. 24 for Solo Guitar 3:09     
Rondo for Solo Guitar 13:50
Suite No. 1 for Solo Guitar 10:58
I. Allemande 1:55
II. Courante 1:10
III. Sarabande 2:43
IV. Bourree I & II 3:52
V. Gigue 1:18
Suite No. 2 for Solo Guitar 16:03
I. Allemande 3:34
II. Courante 3:18
III. Sarabande 3:04
IV. Gavotte I 1:47
V. Gavotte II 2:22
VI. Gigue 1:58
Suite No. 3 for Solo Guitar 27:09
I. Allemande 4:30
II. Courante 3:40
III. Sarabande 4:30
IV. Menuet I 2:10
V. Menuet II  2:10
VI. Air 7:37
VII. Gigue 3:02
Suite No. 4 for Solo Guitar 19:00
I. joyful, with expression 3:54
II. playful2:46
III. gentle4:08
IV. with energy 3:30
V. joyful, with life 4:42
Suite No. 5 for Solo Guitar 20:49
I. Allemande 4:43
II. Courante 3:17
III. Sarabande 5:35
IV. Minuet 4:10
V. Gigue 3:04<
Sonata For Solo Guitar 24:12
I. energetic, with joy, exuberance 9:08
II. tender, gentle 6:45
III. with joy 8:19
Five Ancient Songs for Solo Harp 8:18
I. mysterious 1:56
II. with strength 1:42
III. haunting 1:42 
IV. heroically 1:05
V. ethereal 1:53
Poeme No. 1 for Solo Piano 3:05     
Poeme No. 2 for Solo Piano 1:28     
Poeme No. 3 for Solo Piano 1:26     
Poeme No. 4 for Solo Piano 1:50
Poeme No. 5 for Solo Piano 1:01
Poeme No. 6 for Solo Piano 1:26     
Poeme No. 7 for Solo Piano 0:52
Poeme No. 8 for Solo Piano 2:41     
Poeme No. 9 for Solo Piano 2:44
Poeme No. 10 for Solo Piano 2:52
Poeme No. 11 for Solo Piano 2:32
Poeme No. 12 for Solo Piano 3:28
Poeme No. 13 for Solo Piano 2:09
Two Part Invention No. 1 for Solo Piano 1:51
Two Part Invention No. 2 for Solo Piano, playful, with life 1:19
Two Part Invention No. 3 for Solo Piano, with pain & passion 2:45
Two Part Invention No. 4 for Solo Piano, with joy 1:09 
Two Part Invention No. 5 for Solo Piano, with energy 0:59
Two Part Invention No. 6 for Solo Piano, with expression 2:12


Sonata for Cello & Piano 14:52
I. tender, loving5:04
II. with lyrical joy 4:45
III. joyful, with vigour 5:03
Duet For Two Flutes 12:48
I. with energy & life 5:48
II. gentle 4:32
III. with passion 2:28
Duet For Cello & Flute 10:49
I. with conviction & strength 4:37
II. with pain 4:00
III. joyful, exuberant 2:12
Two Fugues for String Trio
I. Fugue No. 1 2:29
II. Fugue No. 2 2:22
Prelude to Beren and Luthien 15:10     
2 Fl; 2 Ob; Eng Hrn; 2 Clar; 2 Bsn; 4 Hns; 2 Trpt; 3 Trbn; 1 Timp; Strings - Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass
Northern Lights 14:00     
2 Fl; 2 Ob; 2 Clar; 2 Bsn; 2 Hns; Harp; Celesta; Crotales; Timp; Strings - Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass
(all songs are for Solo Voice & piano)
“The Sick Rose” (Blake) 1:12
“Ah, Sunflower” (Blake) 1:27     
“With Rue My Heart Is Laden” (Housman) 1:15     
“Because He Cleaves to Me” (Psalm 91)  2:19
“From Far From Eve and Morning” (Housman) 2:32
“Lucifer” (Isaiah) 5:27
“Time is Sleeping” (Peros) 2:49
“Winter of My Soul” (Peros) 3:26
“Virtue” (Herbert) 3:40     
“Hills & Valleys Pass Me By” (Peros) 1:47
“Whisper Wind” (Peros) 2:20
“Lord of Endless Days” (Peros) 1:21
“I Soar Through Clouds” (Peros) 1:33
“O Dawn of Neverending Hope” (Peros) 1:55
“Fly, Fly Midnight” (Peros) 1:44
“O Your Hair is Golden Bright” (Peros) 1:32
“The Crystal Water of Endless Life” (Peros) 3:09
“Glisten Golden Rays of Sun” (Peros) 1:40
“Sweet is the Scent of Fragrant Pine” (Peros) 1:21
“To You My Thoughts Still Often Turn” (Peros) 3:07
“Springtime” (Peros) 1:20
“Good Morning Sweet Lord Good Morning” (Peros) 1:27
“Fall Leaves Fall” (Bronte) 3:08     
“Easter Wings” (Herbert) 2:25
“Into My Heart An Air That Kills” (Housman) 1:32
“Her Strong Enchantments Failing” (Housman) 1:26     
“Life” (Herbert) 3:09
“Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” (Frost) 1:48
“I Taste A Liquor Never Brewed” (Dickinson) 0:49     
“She Dwelt Among The Untrodden Ways” (Wordsworth) 2:04     
“She Dried Her Tears” (Bronte) 1:33     
“Morning’s First Light Is Gold” (Peros) 1:10     
“I Gazed Upon the Cloudless Moon” (Bronte) 1:17     
“Bring Me The Sunset In A Cup” (Dickinson)  2:51
“She Rested By The Broken Brook” (Stevenson) 1:54     
“There Are Two Trees In A Lonely Field” (Bronte) 1:11     
“Tell Me, Tell Me, Smiling Child” (Bronte) 1:38     
“Awaking Morning Laughs From Heaven” (Bronte) 1:39     
“The Evening Sun Was Sinking Down” (Bronte) 1:04
“Sleep Brings No Joy To Me” (Bronte) 3:40     
“Still Beside That Dreary Water” (Bronte) 2:41     
“Was It With The Fields Of Green” (Bronte) 1:24      
“Eternity” (Blake) 1:02     
“I’ll Come When Thou Art Saddest” (Bronte) 2:26     
“So Set Its Sun In Thee” (Dickinson) 1:38     
“Mild the Must Upon the Hill” (Bronte) 2:08     
“Oh When I Was In Love With You” (Housman) 0:36
“When I Was One-And-Twenty” (Housman) 1:01
“Lean Out Of The Window Goldenhair” (Joyce) 0:37
“O Cool Is The Valley Now” (Joyce) 0:42
“Because Your Voice Was At My Side” (Joyce) 0:53
“In The Dark Pine Wood” (Joyce) 1:53
“I Would In That Sweet Bosom Be” (Joyce) 1:05
“When Mary Goes Walking” (Chalmers)  0:40
“The Thief” (Pawsey) 1:18
“The Night” (Leuty) 2:44
“None But One” (Bronte) 1:54 
“The Night Sky” (Anon) 3:40 
“The Loveliest of Trees, The Cherry Now” (Housman) 1:32
“White in the Moon the Long Road Lies” (Housman) 3:10
“The Wind Makes Such a Rainy Sound” (Rosetti) 1:09
“Harp of Wild and Dreamlike Strain” (Bronte) 1:59
“A Spring Morning” (Clare) 2:07 
“Maid of Walkherd, Meet Again”(Clare) 2:26
”O Sigh No More, Love, Sigh No More” (Clare) 1:39
“The Evening Gathers from the Gloomy Woods (Clare) 2:26
“Her Cheeks Are Like Roses” (Clare) 2:12
“I Think of Thee at Early Day” (Clare) 3:36
“I Seek Her in a Shady Grove” (Clare) 2:49
“The Milking Hour” (Clare) 2:32
“Fair Maiden, When My Love Began” (Clare) 2:44
“Sweet Days While God Your Blessings Send” (Clare) 3:06
“Tis Spring My Love Tis Spring” (Clare) 2:11“Crows in Spring” (Clare) 1:44
“I Saw Her In My Spring’s Young Choice” (Clare) 1:29
“The Night is Darkening Round Me” (Bronte) 1:20
“’Tis Moonlight, Summer Moonlight” (Bronte) 2:30
“Thou’rt Dearest to My Bosom” (Clare) 2:00
“Lovely Mary When We Parted” (Clare) 1:48
“The Rose of the World” (Clare) 1:55
“Summer Evening” (Clare) 3:02
“Where I Pressed Thy Soft Hand” (Clare) 2:37
“The Bright Enarmoured Sunshine” (Clare) 1:23
“No Single Hour Can Stand for Nought” (Clare) 2:40
“The Girl I Love” (Clare) 1:18
“Sweet Days While God Your Blessings Send (II)” (Clare) 1:35
“Haymaking” (Clare) 2:17
“O Who Can Shun the Lovely Morning” (Clare) 3:19
“First Love Will With the Heart Remain” (Clare) 4:51
“I Sleep With Thee and Wake With Thee” (Clare) 5:27
“I Hid My Love When Young” (Clare / Peros) 2:03
“Lamentation of Ruin” (Peros) 7:30
(A Cappella)
“O God You Are My God” SATB 4:33     
“How Long O Lord” SATB 4:56     
“He Reached Down From On High” SATB 4:50     
“The Lord Is My Shepherd” SA 2:26     
“He That Follows Me” SA 1:10     
“May The Lord Answer You” SATB 1:43      
“I Will Sing of the Lord’s Great Love Forever” SATB 2:12      
“The Righteous Shall Blossom Like the Lily” SA 2:21     
“Veni Sponsa Christi” SATBB 3:30     
“Blessed is the Man” SA 3:15     
“And I In Righteousness” SA 2:56     
“You Have Made Known To Me” SATB 3:39     
“I Will Praise You O Lord” SATB 2:15     
“Where Morning Dawns and Evening Fades” SA 2:52     
“Blessed Is the Man” (Ps.1) SATB 3:52     
“I Love You O Lord My Strength” SATB 3:35      
“Love And Faithfulness Meet Together” SATB 2:43     
“Shout for Joy To The Lord” SATB 4:22     
“I Call on You O God” SATB 3:32     
“All Glorious is the Princess” SAATB 4:17     
“Hear My Prayer O Lord” SATB 3:56
“I Will Praise You” SATB 1:32
“Answer Me When I Call To You” SATB 2:14
“Sing To God, Sing Praise To His Name” SA 0:52
“I Call On You” SATB 1:11
“Come To Me All You Who Are Weary” SATB 1:32
“Come To Me”SATTB 2:41
“As The Deer Pants For Streams of Water” SA 1:58 
“And The Lord God Formed Man” SATBB 3:07 
“Lord, My Soul Cries to You” SAATB 3:02 
“Come, The Lord Does Call” SATB 2:44
CHORAL WORKS - Large Scale
(A Cappella)
Prayer of Consolation (SATB) 38:00
(composed in response to September 11, 2001)
I. My Eyes Fail From Weeping 4:33 
II. I Will Strengthen and Help You 3:54
III. All Our Enemies Have Opened Their Mouths 3:24
IV. All Your Enemies Have Opened Their Mouths 2:54
V. The Righteous Perish 2:20 
VI. The Righteous Perish and No One Ponders 4:40
VII. In You Our Fathers Put Their Trust 4:18
VIII. Trust In Me 2:36
IX. Your Dead Will Live 3:28
X. Come to Me 2:23
XI. I Will Lie Down and Sleep in Peace 2:00